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Ball Chain

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This chain is preferred by men.


-Pendant and chain made of 316 -high polish stainless steel
-Breath Vessel™ pendant measures 2 inches in length
-Premium Box Chain (27" or 25")
-Precise circumference supports 10 second exhale
-Whisper quiet so you can use it anywhere
-Durable so you can wear it all the time

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How will this help me breath better?
It helps create a consistent habit of focusing on your exhalation, especially during moments of intense emotion. The Breath Vessel™ serves as an elegant reminder to focus on the length of our exhalation, & that our Prana is our Vida.

Won't a whistle or straw work just as well?
These items aren't specifically designed to extend your exhalation, which turns off your stress response.

How It Works

Most people breathe about 23,000 times per day. Respiration is a constant activity that happens without thought. The Breath Vessel is designed to lengthen your exhalations and create a better breathing habit in your daily life. Extended exhalations are scientifically proven to calm down the body and mind. Its portable and discreet design allows for easy use in any situation.

  • Inhale

    Deep breath from the belly, through your nose , evokes a peaceful sensation & ensures proper use of the diaphragm. (4-5 seconds)

  • Exhale

    Controlled exhale through the Breath Vessel (8-10 seconds) slows down your breath, inviting a sense of calm.

  • Release & Repeat

    Frequent use encourages a sense of serenity and improved emotional well-being.

Your Powerful Ally to Kick Harmful Habits

Quality Design Made for Quality Exhales

Your Questions, Our Answers.

What is the Breath Vessel?

The Breath Vessel is like a calming friend you wear around your neck. It helps you breathe slowly for 8+ seconds, making you feel relaxed by triggering your vagus nerve to calm your nervous system. No tech or batteries, just a simple, natural way to stay cool and composed, like your personal zen necklace.

Isn't this just a straw or whistle?

The Breath Vessel breathing necklace is surprisingly simple so we can appreciate the initial confusion. We were inspired by a proven straw breathing technique to silently calm the mind but wanted to design something more practical and worn as a commitment to breathing better.

We use medical grade 316 stainless steel with precious metal colors baked though so it can be used safely everyday. We also tested the tube length and diameter in order to create ideal exhalations that physiologically trigger calm. You could absolutely use a straw but we found that random sizing can be ineffective and flatten in your pocket.

Wearing the Breath Vessel as a necklace is a commitment to breathing better as a daily habit which makes you feel better whenever you need a breather.

How does the science work?

Inhales are like strong winds fueling a wildfire, while exhales act as the gentle rain that quells the flames. Quick & shallow breathing can fan the stress-fire, but the soothing rain of slowed exhales helps dampen the intensity.

Stress triggers short inhales which launches you into ‘fight or flight’ mode. With 50,000 thoughts and 75% of them being negative, we enter this state of mind too often which makes us feel tired and tense. Extending your exhales immediately reverses this state within two minutes by lowering cortisol (stress hormone), blood pressure, and heart rate.

We used this proven science to engineer a tool that allows you to access these longer exhales more often which makes you breathe better as a habit.

Why not breathe slower on my own?

Many individuals recognize that slower breathing can induce relaxation but often struggle to implement it. Why? Well, we typically take around 23,000 unconscious breaths each day. The Breath Vessel provides a tangible solution by making slower breaths a consistent part of your daily routine. Whether you're navigating traffic, experiencing sleepless nights, or dealing with an anxious mind, the Breath Vessel is your instant gateway to tranquility.

How will this help me quit smoking/vaping?

The Breath Vessel offers a powerful ally in your journey to quit smoking or vaping. One of the key challenges in quitting is managing the habitual aspect of these behaviors. Smoking or vaping often becomes intertwined with certain moments of your day, like that first cup of coffee or the drive home from work. The Breath Vessel steps in as a healthier alternative, replacing the need to reach for a cigarette or vape by offering a mindful and calming breathing experience.

Stress and cravings are common triggers that lead people back to smoking or vaping. The Breath Vessel is designed to combat these challenges head-on. Deep, slow breaths, encouraged by the Breath Vessel, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps lower stress levels and reduce cravings. When you feel the urge to smoke or vape, simply reach for your Breath Vessel and let it guide you through a few minutes of calm, intentional breathing. You'll find that it provides the relaxation you once sought from nicotine without any of the harmful side effects.