Your Portable Solution for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The Breath Vessel™ is a necklace that doubles as a mindful breathing tool that helps you quickly and easily combat anxiety by slowing your breathing. The Breath Vessel is specifically designed to restrict airflow and slow down your exhalations.

Most people are over-breathing. Are you one of them?

Your brain and breath are connected. Shallow breathing triggers "fight or flight" mode which creates anxiety and stress. Shallow breathing also has many other negative impacts on the body and mind.

The more control we have over our breathing, the more control we can have over our emotions, health and well being. The Breath Vessel reminds you to slow down your breathing, allowing your body to naturally relax and destress.

How The Breath Vessel Works

Inhale - Exhale - Relax - Repeat

Use the Breath Vessel to ground yourself during those when stress and anxiety hit. An elegant & wearable reminder that when we control our breath, we control our energy.

1 - INHALE - deeply through the nose (4-5 seconds)

2 - EXHALE - gently through the Breath Vessel (8-10 seconds)

3 - RELAX - your jaw and shoulders

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Control Your Breathing

Controlling the mind is not possible without controlling your breathing, as the two are strongly connected. When the mind is negatively affected the breath becomes irregular and unsteady.

The Breath Vessel guides long exhales that trigger the vagus nerve to calm the body and mind reducing stress hormones, lower heart rate, decrease in blood prssure, higher energy levels increased mental alertness and much more.

Break cycles. Become Aware.

Consciously use the breathe to interrupt habits that don't serve you.

When you find yourself reacting to your environment and you experience:

✚ excessive stress

✚ excessive worry

✚ panic attacks

✚ anger

✚ overeating

✚ smoking/vaping

✚ substance abuse

PAUSE. Become aware.

Use the Breath Vessel and calm your nervous system.

You will become better with time at pausing, breathing, and resisting the urge to react with unhelpful behaviours.

RESPOND more intelligently and with the Breath Vessel.

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Did you know?

Poor oxygenation disconnect to most modern chronic conditions. 

Medical science has revealed an alarming 80% of the population is breathing wrong! 

Quick shallow breathing (hidden hyperventilation) results in oxygen starvation, which leads to reduced vitality, premature aging, poor immune system, chronic diseases, asthma, COPD and more.

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