Helping cultivate quality exhalations in your daily life.

The Breath Vessel™ is a tool that eases the mind during moments of anxiety and intense emotion, by helping cultivate quality exhalations in your daily life. Real breath control comes from controlling the exhalation, not the inhalation.

The mind and prana (breath or life-giving force) are deeply connected. This connection can easily be observed if we notice the breath of a person engaged in deep thinking or meditation vs. the breath of someone who is angry or distressed. The more control we have over our breathing, the more control we can have over our emotions, health and well being.

Inhale - Exhale - Relax - Repeat

Use the Breath Vessel to ground yourself during moments of intense emotion and anxiety. An Elegant & wearable reminder that when we control our breath, we control our energy.

1 - INHALE - deeply through the nose

2 - EXHALE - gently through the Breath Vessel

3 - RELAX - your jaw and shoulders

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Control Your Prana

Controlling the mind is not possible without controlling the prana (breath or life giving force), as the two are strongly connected. When the mind is affected by negative emotions,it will be quite visible that the breath becomes irregular and unsteady. Theseobservations are a clear indication of the interdependence and interaction of prana and mind.

Most people do not breathe properly throughout the day. That can be said especially in times of stress or high emotion, which is the most important time to be breathing properly.

It's time to take control of your Prana.

Practice is all it takes. The good thing is, you have unlimited opportunities to practice!

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